St. Louis’ first SpaBNB. The first step to building your beauty empire.
First impressions are everything. Luxury, personality, and comfort all combine to create a suite concept that stands out from the rest. We bring beauty professionals together, across a wide variety of specialties.
- Providing space to be yourself.
- Build your business.
- Benefit from a creative community
- Enjoy an intimate setting & give your guests the one-on-one attention they deserve.
- Powered by The Esthi Vault.
Our beautiful 500 square foot Facility features:
- a Private bathroom.
- Modern Furnishings.
- a Photo wall.
- a Relaxation area for clients to wait in.
- Brand new neutral luxury vinyl flooring.
- a Massage bed made with High-quality materials, using environmentally friendly high-quality leather, breathability, and skin-friendliness. The cushions are 4.5" thick, providing more comfort and load-bearing capacity.
You can put the chair down and use it as a beauty bed, lash extension table, medical massage bed. It can also be adjusted into a chair for use in manicures, tattoos, teeth whitening, etc.
Feel free to add temporary brand centered customizable signs and decorations during your stay. We ask that you do not remove or alter any of our decorations. 
- Rates begin at $60 a day and are subject to change.
Add ons are available such as:
- Equipment Usage
- Refreshment Availability to offer clients
- Creative Direction
- Mentorship
- Booking Opportunities 
It is required that all patrons taking advantage of this opportunity are licensed, certified and insured in their field of expertise.
It is required that both parties sign a short term rental agreement. A rental agreement is more than just a formality; it’s a saving grace. This agreement is a mutual understanding between you and The Esthi Vault about what exchange each party will get in the rental process.
We can’t wait to work with you!
Slots available beginning in July 2022.